AUDIO SERVICE CO can repair your worn speakers to factory specs -or actually IMPROVE your vintage speakers with updated Tweeters!

The Foam Surround is nearly disintegrated but: THIS WOOFER
CAN BE SAVED Just one more loud session and this woofer’s cone will have No Support:
The cone will flop around, making audible knocking noises at higher volumes, and  possibly causing damage to the voice coil. Read On…


Because the cost of new speakers has not fallen like other consumer electronics, it is almost always worthwhile to get     your speakers repaired.  The most common speaker failure is what we call “foam dry-rot”.  This is where the foam suspension on the outer edge of the woofers will deteriorate over the years and begin to crumble.  When this happens, the sound will be raspy or you may hear a rattleing sound along with the music.  The best way to find out if you have this problem is simply to remove the grills and inspect the woofers.  If in doubt, touch the foam and press in lightly.  Also, look for any small tears or cracks in the foam surface. We can replace just the foam which is not only cheaper than replacing the woofers,  but will maintain the original sound characteristics of your speakers.  The second most common speaker failure is that of “blown” tweeters.  Because of the small, delicate voice coil wires, it is usually the tweeters that get damaged when too much power or distortion is applied.We can either replace a tweeter with the manufacture’s original, or find a comparable replacement that will meet or exceed the performance of the original. If you have some old speakers you don’t need, we also make offers to purchase them as-is.