Q. How much will it cost to repair my xxxxxx?
A. Minor repairs start at $35 which include minor cleanings or adjustments. We will diagnose problems, find out the cost of parts, and if needed, contact you with a repair estimate. Typically, we will contact you if repair cost exceed $75 unless we make other prior arrangements.

Q. Do you charge for estimates?
A. Yes, we charge $35 for Minimum repairs (see above)
which is usually paid as a deposit when the unit is brought in for repair. This $35 is then deducted from the total repair bill, if greater.

Q. Is my unit worth repair?
A. There are several factors that are involved in this matter, such as the age of the unit, any history of past problems, general condition, and of course, the cost of repair vs. the cost of replacement. We are always willing to take the time to help you make a good decision.

Q. Why should I repair my stereo when the new ones are so cheap?
A. There are several reasons why it may be better to repair rather than replace:
(1) Older stereo equipment is usually built better and will last longer than new equipment. Because of the fact that a lot of the newer equipment is built so cheaply, the stereo you have repaired may actually last longer than a new stereo.
(2) In some cases, such as with amps and receivers, the older
equipment actually sounds better than the newer equipment. We’ve had several of our customers report that they have been really disappointed in the sound of a new receiver they have purchased.
(3) Your older stereo may have certain features (such as a turntable input), that a new stereo may not have. Or you may just like the look and feel of the real metal knobs and faceplate on your older unit instead of the plastic on most newer units!
(4) Despite the fact that prices of consumer electronics have fallen dramaticaly over the past few years, it is still usually much cheaper to repair your older equipment than to buy new. Besides, many of us just hate to keep filling up our landfills!

Q. Do I need to call first before bringing in my equipment?
A. Use your own judgement, but it is usually a good idea to call ahead to get advise on the feasibility of your repair and also to find out exactly which components you may need to bring in.  For instance, we can give you some simple troubleshooting tips over the phone to determine whether your problem is in the amp, preamp, or speakers

There is generally someone here between 10-6 Eastern weekdays to answer the phone or call you right back